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North Carolina

North Carolina Chef Vivian Howard Wants to Help Home Cooks With Her New Book

Will Restaurants on Chapel Hill’s Iconic Franklin Street Recover from COVID-19?

Senator Kamala Harris Visited Raleigh Restaurant Trophy Brewing Company

Durham’s Zimbabwean Restaurant Zweli’s Finds Footing in Uncharted Territory

With $25,000 Award, Durham’s Saltbox Seafood Owner Wants to Pay It Forward 

New Boundary-Pushing Restaurant at the Forefront of Greensboro Dining Reopens

‘Top Chef’ Katsuji Tanabe Shutters Raleigh Restaurant High Horse

Iconic North Carolina Barbecue Spot Wilber’s Reopens in Goldsboro

Raleigh Restaurants Show Solidarity With Protestors Through Powerful Art Murals

North Carolina Bars Sue Governor’s Office for Right to Reopen

Celebrity Chef Vivian Howard Shuts Down Her Kinston Oyster Bar

North Carolina Restaurants Reopen at 50 Percent Tomorrow

North Carolina Senate Kills To-Go Cocktails for Bars

Wicked Weed Brewing Donates 5,000 Meals a Week to Its North Carolina Communities

At One Raleigh Restaurant, Owner Remains the Only Employee Left Standing

Chefs All Over North Carolina Connect With Fans Online

Small-Town Restaurant Owner Inez Ribustello Turns to Tarboro, North Carolina, for Support

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Halts Dine-In Option for Restaurants

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, Offers a Worldwide Range of Tastes

5 Most Anticipated Restaurants Around the Triangle, Spring 2020

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11 Can’t-Miss Iconic North Carolina Diners

Yes, Waffle House is included

Eater Seeks North Carolina Contributors

Charlotte Chefs Draw Inspiration From Hip-Hop for Pop-Ups

Kindred’s Former Pastry Chef Opens a Southern-meets-French Bakery in North Carolina

Raleigh’s Most Anticipated Restaurant Opening Kicks Off with 2,000 Reservations 

Ashley Christensen’s Former Pastry Chef Opens Union Special Bread in Raleigh

Former Charleston Chef Smuggles His Famous Charcuterie Up North

Durham’s Farm-Inspired Cocktail Bar Is Finally Open

Chef Ashley Christensen’s FOMO-Inducing Wedding Was a Southern Food Dreamland

Asheville Chef Highlighted in Eater Young Guns Class of ’19

Drink in Raleigh’s First Soft Beer Fest

A Dessert Camper Gets Ready to Roll Out in Charlotte