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Harriet’s Delicatessen Offers Passover Meals in Charleston

Seder plates are still available on Spring Street

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Baguette Magic co-owners Paula and Samantha Kramer transformed their downtown Charleston location (73 Spring Street) into Jewish cafe Harriet’s Delicatessen back in February. The restaurant has been a space to share and celebrate the sisters’ Jewish heritage and culture, and this week, during Passover, they are offering seder plates and other traditional fare to customers.

While most of the meals were pre-ordered, Harriet’s still has a few spreads available. The takeout orders include two pounds of brisket, a lemon-herb salad, matzo ball soup, coconut macaroons, and items for the seder plate (boiled eggs, parsley, a lamb or chicken bone, fresh horseradish, and charoset).

“We want to make Passover easy for the customer,” says Paula. The idea to make delivery and to-go seder plates started during the pandemic; the sisters thought the meal might be difficult for individuals to execute and wanted to help those who couldn’t gather during the lockdown.

As for Harriet’s Delicatessen, it will revert back to Baguette Magic this month, but Paula says that they are looking at other options for the concept and are headed to New York for Jewish deli research soon.