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South Carolina Coffee Roaster Creates ‘Non-Woke’ Blend and Stirs Up Controversy

Stone Roastery advertised the coffee as “For Folks who are sick and tired of woke crap!!!!!!!!”

Bags on coffee on a shelf.
Stone Roastery is located in North Augusta, South Carolina.
Stone Roastery
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Just when you thought the coffee culture wars ended with the Starbucks Christmas cup controversy, in comes another contender for creating outrage. Stone Roastery out of North Augusta, South Carolina, recently released its “Non-Woke” coffee blend, and it amassed thousands of reactions.

The bag of medium roast beans is described as “For Folks who are sick and tired of woke crap!!!!!!!!” Stone Roastery goes on to explain more on Facebook:

It’s Here! NON WOKE COFFEE……. Woke are people pushing their agendas on people who don’t want them. People who spend more time complaining than helping others. People who burn cities and destroy other good peoples property. People who would rather our children learn about porn in school than math, reading, writing, real history, social studies…People who want to sit at home while others pay their bills and school loans instead of getting a job or starting your own business. People who make fun of others and make up lies about them. People who are followers and not leaders. Woke are socialist and communist. It’s time to wake up and fix problems rather than cause them like the so call woke. Don’t be woke their a Joke.

At a time when some conservatives are “canceling” Bud Light for its LGBTQ-friendly advertising, it seems like the beverage world is a battleground. While there was plenty of back and forth on the Stone Roastery post, some of the top comments on the “Non-Woke” coffee were concerns over its ability to wake people up in the morning, “So it’s decaf?”

One commenter writes, “Coffee supposed to wake you up, this the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.” Others point out that Stone Roastery’s PPP loans were forgiven, while the company is ranting about “others pay[ing] bills.” Another writer says, “Guys it’s a medium roast, the most basic of all the roasts. No extra attention given. No attempt to make it unique. How uninspiring, no wonder you needed that packaging, otherwise it’s just going to sit on your shelf while Folgers and Maxwell House clean up that demographic. Pity,” to which someone responds, “As a professional coffee roaster, I really appreciate the depth of this burn. Well played.”