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James Beard Semifinalist Chef Orlando Pagán Helms a New Cafe Close to Colonial Lake

Alcove Cafe serves breakfast. lunch, and plenty of coffee in a light and breezy setting

A coffee counter with various dry goods on shelves.
Alcove Market is now open on Broad Street.
Hack Hargett
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Hospitality managers Easton Porter Group (of Zero Restaurant + Bar and Cannon Green) have a new, more casual establishment in their Charleston portfolio with the opening of Alcove Market (320 Broad Street) today. The cafe offers breakfast, lunch, coffee, craft beer, wines, fresh-pressed juices, and a pantry stocked with goods like Rio Bertolini’s ravioli, cocktail olives, and various gourmet snacks.

A muffin stuffed with a poached egg on a plate.
The breakfast muffin at Alcove Market.
Hack Hargett

2022 James Beard semifinalist Orlando Pagán, of tasting menu spot Wild Common, created the breakfast and lunch menu for Alcove Market with health and well-being in mind. ‘People think that because I do fine dining, it should be easy to switch into something more casual,” says Pagán, “But it’s more difficult, because your mind is trained to cook a certain way. But I had fun with this.” The offerings include avocado toast on Charleston Gold rice bread, a quinoa bowl with green goddess dressing, and a spectacular breakfast muffin stuffed with a poached egg (a little bit of that fine dining training coming through). There is a fried chicken biscuit with gravy on the menu, for those who might need a bit of heft to start their day.

Alcove Market sits on the first floor of the Jasper luxury apartment complex, between Colonial Lake and the harbor. The cafe has plenty of light with large windows facing Broad Street and lots of greenery hanging from the ceiling. Most of the space is painted a calming blue with shelves stacked with dry goods and merchandise surrounding the room. The patio is dotted with garden tables and umbrellas.

Starting now, Alcove Market opens daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.