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A dining room with floor to ceiling windows.
The gorgeous dining room at Glasshouse Kitchen.
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Research Triangle’s Glasshouse Kitchen Is a Plant-Lover’s Dream

The newly opened restaurant feels like dining in a grown-up terrarium

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Located on the AgTech Campus in the rapidly expanding Research Triangle, Glasshouse Kitchen (5 Laboratory Drive, Research Triangle) brings a new upscale selection for dining to residents and workers in the area. The restaurant comes from the owners of Raleigh’s Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing, Sara Abernathy and Chris Borreson. “This area has been historically underserved with dining options,” says Abernathy, “ We saw this as an opportunity to create a really great dining destination in the same way Chris and I felt with Wye Hill.”

The building looks like a giant terrarium, complete with tons of plants, surrounded by tall pines. “It’s such a one of a kind experience when you enter the campus,” says Abernathy, “It’s such a serene experience. There’s a lot of greenery and gorgeous plant life around you — it invites this deep inhale. When you’re in the dining room at Glasshouse, with the floor-to-ceiling windows, you have nature as your backdrop, and it’s stunning. It really brings you into this moment of presence.”

The couple brought on chef Savannah Miller (formerly of M Tempura) and pastry chef Ava Broadwell to run the kitchen at Glasshouse. Abernathy says Miller pulls from the agricultural bounty of North Carolina to inform the menu, which means lots of big salads, plates of seasonal vegetables, and pizzas with fresh toppings like figs and prosciutto.

Glasshouse opened on Wednesday, August 24, for lunch services and post-work beverages. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday with lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and snacks and cocktails from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. There are plans to expand into dinner hours soon.

A big glass building.
Glasshouse Kitchen serves the population of the Research Triangle.
Forrest Mason Media
A sign that says Glasshouse Kitchen.
Glasshouse Kitchen looks like a big terrarium.
Forrest Mason Media
A bar with purple stools and plants overhead.
Tons of plants fill the Glasshouse space.
Forrest Mason Media
Purple barstools.
Pops of purple contrast all the green in the space.
Forrest Mason Media
Trees outside the restaurant.
The restaurant is surrounded by tall pines.
Forrest Mason Media
A bar with a blue backsplash.
The bar serves light snacks and drinks between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Forrest Mason Media
Plants hanging from rafters.
The plants will be taken care of by employees of the AgTech Campus.
Forrest Mason Media
Dining room table surrounded by windows.
Diners can look out the stunning floor-to-ceiling windows.
Forrest Mason Media
A table full of plates of food like pizza and a salad.
Glasshouse offers pizzas, big salads, and more.
Forrest Mason Media

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