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After 17 Years, Columbia’s Greatest Dive Bar, the Whig, to Close

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The final day for the Whig is not set yet

Dimly lit bar.
Chairs up at the Whig.
The Whig
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

After 17 years as a haven to PBR drinkers and free thinkers in Columbia, South Carolina, the Whig (1200 Main Street, Columbia) will close this year. The underground (literally) bar announced on Instagram that its Main Street building has changed owners and new construction is on the way. “The timing isn’t exact yet,” the post states, “We expect to celebrate the hell out of Halloween. We probably won’t get to ring in Christmas.”

Owners Dino Pournaras and Jonathan Robinson opened the Whig in 2005, and it became known as a chill place to grab a cheap beer and really good bar food. Located across from the South Carolina State House, the Whig serves as an antithesis to conservative state politics — regulars at the bar were even instrumental in removing the Confederate flag from the state grounds.

With the last day unknown, it’s recommended to say goodbyes to the funky taxidermy and killer tater tots as soon as possible.

At the time of publication, the owners of the Whig have not responded to Eater’s request for comment on potential relocation.