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What to Expect From the New Minero on Johns Island

The Valentina wings aren’t going anywhere

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

In April 2021, Neighborhood Dining Group (NDG), of Husk fame, announced that it would bring back its Mexican concept Minero to the former Fat Hen address at 3140 Maybank Highway.

With the new location comes a few new changes. Just announced, NDG chef Shamil Velazquez, of Delaney Oyster House, will assume the role of executive chef at the Johns Island Minero, as well as retaining his position at Delaney. Velazquez says that his vision for the new place is to lean into larger, dinner-style entrees (not just tacos) and more seafood. He recognizes the fan favorites however and won’t be touching the massive burrito, Valentina-soaked wings, or fried catfish tacos. Read: there will still be tacos.

Velazquez, who grew up in the Puerto Rico, says that he will incorporate some Caribbean influences into the menu with more crudos and ceviches, while looking at Mexican coastal regions for inspiration. He says that seafood is comfort zone, so he’s working with local fishermen to get more fish and shellfish in the kitchen.

Velazquez also shares that has a deep understanding and appreciation of the original Minero menu, because, his wife Katie Velazquez served as the manager of the downtown location, and he found himself eating takeout from the restaurant “almost every night.”

The new Minero will open on Maybank Highway this spring.

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