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Asheville’s Buxton Hall Barbecue Reopens With Texas-Style Brisket

The new menu drops on Thursday, August 19

Meats at Buxton Hall
Courtesy Chai Pani Restaurant Group
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Buxton Hall Barbecue will reopen on Thursday, August 19, with a new cooking system, a new menu, and perhaps Asheville’s only brisket cheesesteak.

Buxton Hall had to shut down in June due to challenges with the kitchen’s whole-hog smoking operation — more specifically, embers from the grill were traveling through the ventilation and melting the roof, which wasn’t great. Chef Elliot Moss knew he had to change his method of cooking, so he looked to Texas and the state’s preferred barbecuing method of the off-set smoker, which utilizes a smaller firebox to filter heat and smoke into a larger chamber. This will help with the fire issue by only sending smoke through the restaurant’s exhaust system.

While Moss can’t cook whole hogs on the offset smoker (too big), he is still portioning off parts of the pig from Vandele Farms to keep pulled pork on the menu and says he’s delighted with the results. The new system does allow him to add brisket to the menu though.

In addition to brisket and ribs (coming soon), Buxton Hall will now also offer new sandwiches, sides, and a soup du jour (probably Brunswick stew or chicken and dumplings). Take a look at the revised menu here.

Buxton Hall Barbecue [Official]