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Pink and purple hued dining room.
The dining room at Pink Bellies.
Mike Ledford

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Pink Bellies Turns Into a Party Once the Sun Goes Down

First look at the highly anticipated restaurant’s dining room

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Anyone who has picked up takeout from Vietnamese restaurant Pink Bellies has probably gleaned a peek of the closed off dining room, but Eater Carolinas has the full tour here. Chef/owner Thai Phi opened the restaurant for carryout only on Sunday, March 28, and fans have eagerly waited to eat in the the dining at 595 King Street since.

The interiors at Pink Bellies are very groovy, cool, or lit AF (pick a decade and go with it). Phi worked with Thomas & Denzinger Architects to create layer upon layer of undulating surfaces for light to bounce off, which creates an underwater effect once the sun goes down. It will undoubtedly become the most Instagrammed restaurant in Charleston once it opens.

Phi says, “I really love Japanese architecture and James Turrell’s art installations. Momofuku Toronto and Tartine Manufactory SF were huge influences. Both spaces seamlessly showcase the craftsmanship that goes into the food with their open kitchens. And both have really thoughtful usage of lighting throughout their dining rooms. This space feels more representative of the Saigon that I know, where modern architecture lives alongside historical French buildings in a tropical climate.”

While there’s no set date for opening yet (soon), Phi did stop the takeout program to gear up for indoor dining. Scroll through the photos here to see the dining room go from day to night.

The view of the dining room at Pink Bellies when diners walk in the door.
Mike Ledford
A view of the chef’s counter Pink Bellies.
Mike Ledford
The petite bar at Pink Bellies.
Mike Ledford
All of the plants lead to a tropical feeling in the dining room.
Mike Ledford
Sunset approaches the dining room at Pink Bellies.
Mike Ledford
A wooden wall full of green plants next to a bar.
Light bounces off the undulating wood on the columns.
Mike Ledford
The blues, pinks, and purples come out at night.
Mike Ledford
It almost feels like you’re underwater.
Mike Ledford
The kitchen glows in the back of the dining room.
Mike Ledford
The dining room really glows once the sun goes down.
Mike Ledford
The three-seat bar at Pink Bellies.
Mike Ledford
Menu at Pink Bellies
Mike Ledford

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