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Large food hall with a bar
Port of Call
Mike Ledford

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Port of Call Brings Big Food Hall Energy to the Market in Charleston

Take a quick tour of the space here

Charleston once again has a food hall, and this time it’s on Market Street in the former Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. location. New venture Port of Call is now open at 99 South Market Street. The 10,000-square-foot space holds five vendors, offers a full bar with an emphasis on craft beers, and includes an outdoor dining area.

The food stalls include up-and-coming names like smoked meats spot Palmira BBQ, Asian fusion setup Bok Choy Boy, Greek grill house Bapkó, acai place Iaca Bowls, and raw bar Empire Oyster.

It seems that you can’t be a major culinary city without a food hall these days, so with the closing of Workshop earlier this year, Charleston was left without an adult cafeteria option. Port of Call now fills that void.

While the Market area hasn’t been a draw for locals in some time, the enthusiasm from the Port of Call vendors is an incentive to visit — many of the concepts, like Palmira and Bok Choy Boy, have followings from their pop-ups around town, and Empire Oyster claims to offer the largest raw bar on earth, “... Until proven otherwise ...”

Port of Call is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Signage at Port of Call.
Signage at Port of Call.
Mike Ledford
A counter by vendor stalls
The space looks completely different from the former Bubba Gump’s.
Mike Ledford
people sitting at a bar
One of the bars at Port of Call.
Mike Ledford
Vendor stalls at Port of Call.
Vendor stalls at Port of Call.
Mike Ledford
fried chicken sandwich
Hot chicken sandwich from Palmira.
Mike Ledford
bench seating
Spacious seating at Port of Call.
Mike Ledford
televisions on an exposed brick wall
Plenty of televisions for football season.
Mike Ledford
Oysters from Empire Oyster.
Mike Ledford

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