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James Island Bar Offers Freshly Shucked Oysters Delivered to Your Driveway

Bivalves with style

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Chef Alex Lira wants to make sure that customers can still get restaurant-worthy oyster service right in their front yards. Lira, a co-owner of James Island hangout Bar George, dreamed up a service that delivers bivalves by the dozen from the back of his vintage Dodge Rampage. He first introduced this option for oysters via Instagram stories. In the video, he stands in the truck bed of the car with a small table and shucks shellfish while the vehicle rolls through the frame to the soundtrack of rapper G. Dep’s Special Delivery.

The whole family can get involved.

“It’s difficult to offer an experience these day,” says Lira. With dining rooms shut down, he wants a way to give the same hospitality that patrons are missing from restaurants. So, he tries his best to recreate a Bar George atmosphere from the back of his car/truck.

The best way to summon the oystermobile is through the Bar George Instagram. The delivery minimum is two dozen, at the price of $31 a dozen, which includes a mignonette and the restaurant’s signature green sauce. Also included, bewildered neighbors wondering why there’s a guy in a Dodge Rampage shucking oysters in your driveway.

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