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Some Charleston Restaurants Have Had to Shut Down Due to Employees With Covid-19

Just as they reopened

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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Over the last week, a handful of Charleston restaurants and bars discovered that some of their employees tested positive for Covid-19. Just this past Sunday, South Carolina reported 799 new cases of confirmed Covid-19 tests. According to a report from Post & Courier, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control does not require restaurants to publicly disclose if staff members have Covid-19. Some Charleston restaurants made the decision to be transparent about the cases and post about it on social media while shutting down for a week.

Italian restaurant Melfi’s wrote on Instagram, “We have confirmed a case of COVID among one of our team members, and will continue to abide by all health and safety protocols. We will remain closed as we continue to address the structural issues with our building and update as we know more!”

Other establishments coming forth with positive cases include O-ku, the Macintosh, Fleet Landing, Slightly North of Broad, the Icehouse, and Frothy Beard Brewing Company.

As restaurants and bars in South Carolina began reopening in mid-May, many establishments were taking the highest precautions to keep customers safe, like sanitizing between table turns, keeping everyone six feet apart, and requiring staff to wear masks and gloves. And then many of the downtown restaurants boarded up following the protests against the police killing of George Floyd. As they are just now beginning to reopen, the state is experiencing another spike, so there will probably be more restaurants closing due to positive Covid-19 tests.

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