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Charleston’s Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen Calls It Quits

The chef writes to announce the closure

Erin Perkins/Eater Charleston
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

East Bay restaurant Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen invited patrons to chill in an island atmosphere with a few rum drinks in the summer of 2016, but chef/owner Paul Yellin recently announced that the bar will close. He wrote in an email:

It is with heavy heart and tons of reservation that due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic — we must announce the permanent closure of CANE Rhum Bar in Charleston SC.

We are incredibly proud of Charleston and it was so awesome to be accepted and to have made such an impact on what was an amazing local bar/restaurant scene in this historic city. The story of Charleston is linked to the story of rum ... and it was our mission to help show that link.

Taking over an Iconic bar location made the transition “more interesting” with some people angry and most people just surprised and pleased about what it became. We are happy to have become a world famous rum bar and remain your neighborhood corner bar.

As one of the few black-owned bars in Charleston, this feels like a huge blow to the community. Yellin took over popular dive bar Big John’s Tavern and turned it into an inclusive, rum-soaked spot with one of the few Caribbean menus in town.

Eater Carolinas has reached out to Yellin to see if he will stay in Charleston. [Update: He and his family will stay in Charleston.]

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Cane Rhum Bar

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