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Charleston Legend the Griffon Strips Down Iconic Dollar Bills to Assist Employees

24 years worth of dollar bills come down

The Griffon/Facebook
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Charleston legendary bar the Griffon is well known for its surfaces covered in dollar bills. Patrons draw doodles or sign the bills to be stapled upon the establishment’s walls or rafters. Now, with the Griffon employees temporarily laid off, owners Scott London and Dan Wenz decided to take down a portion of the bills and hand them over to staff to cover costs during this time.

17 employees of the Griffon are currently on unemployment, but the owners wanted to make sure they had money for bills and groceries. London estimates that the bar is covered in around $50,000.

After hours of work, this is the result.

Taking down those dollar bills isn’t easy work though. There are 24 years of layers to peel off. “It’s daunting how deep the bills go,” says London. He and Wenz are taking turns collecting the dollars to practice social distancing.

The Griffon wrote on Facebook, “We don’t intend to remove them all but if your bill is taken down please take comfort that it has been used to help someone in need.”

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