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Charleston Restaurants Still Hoping for Your Takeout Business

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From barbecue to Chinese food

Takeout from Hot Mustard
Leslie Ryann McKellar

On the short stretch of Lower King, in Charleston, many restaurants are doing what they can to bring in revenue during this period of social distancing due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Seafood spot 167 Raw set up a kiosk at the front door of the restaurant for to-go orders and beer and wine sales. Wine bar Bin 152 opened the doors for customers to order sandwiches made with the ingredients from the meat and cheese boards or buy a bottle of wine at a 30% discount. Even A.W. Shucks Seafood Shack has a bare-bones staff on hand if anyone comes by craving fried shrimp or oysters.

Across other parts of the Lowcountry, restaurants try to adapt to this new COVID-19 climate. Eater will try to keep a running list of establishments offering takeout and delivery here. There’s also a website dedicated to tracking restaurants called Dining at a Distance.

How the Novel Coronavirus Is Impacting Restaurants in North and South Carolina [ECAR]

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