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Say Hello to the New Eater Carolinas

The site is expanding into new markets

A bowl of shrimp and grits garnished with peppers
Shrimp and grits from Husk
Bill Addison/Eater
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It’s all happening — as of today, we are thrilled to announce that Eater Charleston is growing into Eater Carolinas. Under the direction of longtime Eater editor and local restaurant obsessive Erin Perkins, the site has already been expanding its reach from beyond Charleston into such cities as Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte, and more. Under her leadership, expect more maps, guides, news stories, and in-depth features that will highlight everything North and South Carolina have to offer on the restaurant front.

This change comes at a time of multiple expansions for Eater and Vox Media that will help us bring our special brand of restaurant knowledge and expertise to even more regions across the country. Today also marks the debut of Eater Phoenix, the first new Eater site since we launched Eater London back in 2017. Eater Phoenix will focus primarily on service and storytelling, such as our acclaimed maps and guides, all designed to help both Phoenix residents and visitors navigate the exciting and expanding restaurant scene there. Both publications are part of Eater’s extensive family of restaurant sites, now totaling 25 across America, Europe, and Canada.

We’re excited. We hope you’re excited. Please send any feedback to, follow the sites on Twitter and Facebook.