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King Arthur Baking Company Picks Charleston’s Sugar Bakeshop to Give Back

One of the six bakeries across the country to participate in For Goodness Bakes this holiday season

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Sugar Bakeshop
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Highly regarded flour producer King Arthur Baking Company has chosen Charleston’s Sugar Bakeshop as the recipient of its For Goodness Bakes program. Started back in March of 2020, King Arthur created this initiative to help businesses during the pandemic. The company pays an establishment for its baked goods, and then the items are donated to a charity of the bakery’s choice.

Sugar Bakeshop owner Kat Palmisano explains, “It not only provides the bakery with business and the ability to keep their staff employed and pay the bills, but also helps feed people in the community who are also struggling.”

The Cannon Street bakery will make 350 holiday iced sugar cookies for One80 Place this week. “We realize this isn’t exactly fighting hunger,” says Palmisano, “but it is a great time of year to spread love and cheer — which is exactly what we hope our cookies can do. Who doesn’t need a little cheering up these days.” She says that the team at Sugar bakeshop chose One80 Place because of the work that the organization does with the homeless population in Charleston, from shelter to long-term housing to access to healthcare, lawyers, job training, and meals.

King Arthur picked six bakeries across the country during the holidays to be recipients of the For Goodness Bakes program. Palmisano says she’s honored that Sugar Bakeshop gets to participant, “While we are a very small place, it feels really good to be able to do something meaningful and helpful during this crazy rollercoaster of a year.”

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