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Filipino Food Will Be a Staple in Charleston This October

Mansueta’s takes over Daps kitchen in Charleston

Lumpia from Mansueta’s
Andrew Cebulka

Nikko Cagalanan isn’t going to let a global pandemic slow down his mission to spread his version of Filipino food around Charleston. Enter: his concept Mansueta’s. “A few months ago things were so uncertain. I cant lie; I was a little down and out but I knew this isn’t how Mansueta’s is gonna end. I didn’t wanna give up,” he says.

Since Cagalanan arrived in Charleston he’s been leap-frogging from Charlestowne Fermentory to Kwei Fei’s stall at food hall Workshop, and most recently popped up at coffee shop 132 Spring and the Beech location on Daniel Island. In Mansueta’s fashion, he’s on the move again. After a random email to Jeremiah Schenzel, co-owner of the neighborhood-y breakfast spot Daps, he’s back in business with residency that will span the entire month of October, Thursday through Saturday, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“It’s important for us to help out, the same way people helped us when we were coming up, says Schenzel, “Nikko reached out and the timing worked out perfectly so I said let’s give it a shot. Im basically giving him the kitchen and letting him run the show.”

Diners can enjoy their lumpia and chicken adobo for takeout or dine on the outdoor patio. And if that’s not enough, Cagalanan will also be squeezing in a collaboration with Renzo on October 18 and 19. Just imagine a sigsig pizza or pancit carbonara.

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