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First Look Inside Forthcoming Seafood Restaurant Delaney Oyster House

Opening on Monday

Forthcoming Neighborhood Dining Group restaurant will showcase local fishermen and oyster harvesters with the opening of Delaney Oyster House on Monday, September 9, at 4:30 p.m. for happy hour and dinner. The restaurant will open for both lunch and dinner on Tuesday, September 10, at 11:30 a.m.

The restaurant at 115 Calhoun Street in the historic Delaney House has a six-seat bar and outdoor patio downstairs with the main dining room sitting upstairs, where patrons can also find an outdoor seating area that overlooks Marion Square.

The menu offers crab claws, oysters, octopus escabeche with squid ink chicharron, crab rice with sofrito, caviar service, a daily catch, and more.

Chef Shamil Velazquez grew up in Puerto Rico by the ocean. When asked if he would be using Puerto Rican flavors on the menu, Velazquez said, “That’s something I can’t hide. It’s something I grew up in and it’s my culture. Will I bring a full Puerto Rican restaurant? Absolutely not. Will I have hidden touches in there? Absolutely.”

Leslie Ryann McKellar
Leslie Ryann McKellar
Leslie Ryann McKellar

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