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Chef Shuai Wang Gives an Inside Look at Upcoming Jackrabbit Filly

Look for the Park Circle newcomer this fall

Shuai Wang/Instagram
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Former food truck Short Grain owners Shuai and Corrie Wang inch closer to the opening of their first restaurant Jackrabbit Filly. Shuai recently posted a photo of the build-out at 4628 Spruill Avenue with the following heartwarming caption.

It’s amazing 32 years of my life have brought me here; in this little space, full of love, sweat, tears, and endless moments of learning to be patient, strong, weak and not being afraid to ask for help. It’s overwhelming and unreal, but what’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable ✌ #alltogethernow #jackrabbitfilly

Once open, Jackrabbit Filly will start with dinner service and eventually add lunch and brunch. Lunch will look like the menu from the Short Grain food truck with rice bowls like the “O.G.” chirashi as the main attraction. At dinner, the kitchen will focus on Chinese dishes on the hot side and Japanese raw bar items on the cold side. Brunch might come in the from of dim sum.

The restaurant is currently hiring.

Former Food Truck Short Grain to Settle Into Park Circle Address [ECHS]
Shuai Wang [Instagram]

Jackrabbit Filly

4628 Spruill Avenue, , SC 29405 (843) 460-0037 Visit Website