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Upcoming Charleston Restaurant Wants You to Know it’s ‘Herb-Forward’

Chasing Sage comes to Charleston by way of Seattle

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

“Herb-forward” may mean something different in states where marijuana is legal, but here in South Carolina, it’s being used to describe forthcoming new American restaurant Chasing Sage. Located in a newly renovated building at 267 Rutledge Avenue (it sits right on the crosstown), the upcoming eatery comes from Walter and Cindy Edward and Forrest Brunton, who recently moved to the Lowcountry from Seattle.

Walter and Brunton are both chefs, while Cindy has ties to the Lowcountry. She comes from the Smoak family, which owns farmland in Smoaks, SC. The team plans to cultivate the farm for use in the restaurant.

According to the press release, “The cuisine at Chasing Sage will be herb-forward, with the intent to use bright and fresh flavors to make proteins and vegetables shine.”

Chasing Sage has plans to open this winter. Stay tuned for photos of the renovated building, details on the menu, and pop-up announcements.

The building before renovation.
Google Maps/Provided

Chasing Sage [Official]