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Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails
Leslie Ryann McKellar

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New York City Transplant Sets Up Shop in Mount Pleasant

Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails opens soon

Manhattan-based restaurant Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails will land at 735 Coleman Boulevard in the next few weeks. The original Gramercy location open in 2015 with a “... mission is to bring excitement and innovation to American comfort food classics and to the bar experience.”

Southeast operations director Devin Rizzo tells Eater that the he and the team behind Handcraft thinks that the concept will translate well in the Lowcountry. The New York menu is a list of the last decade’s greatest “elevated” bar food hits, like crispy Brussels sprouts, a smash burger, tater tot nachos, and whisky barbecue chicken wings. Rizzo says that the Mount Pleasant location will step it up with whole quail, ceviches, scallops, rabbit, duck, and more from chef Chad Gearhart (formerly of 1Kept)

Rizzo is excited about the beverage menu and says that cocktail lovers will no longer have to trek downtown for a well-made drink. Industry vet Tyler Rothenberg will offer classics and modern staples done well.

Take a look around the Mount Pleasant interiors full of reclaimed wood, whiskey bottles, and Edison bulbs here.

Leslie Ryann McKellar
Leslie Ryann McKellar

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