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Look for ‘Alive and Fun’ Plates at Upcoming Calhoun Street Oyster House

1830s Structure, 2019 Vibes

Delaney Oyster House/Facebook

Although an exact date has not yet been set, the Neighborhood Dining Group is almost ready to open the Delaney Oyster House at 115 Calhoun Street in the historic Delaney House, which was placed by the Preservation Society of Charleston in 2017. Shamil Velazquez is taking over executive chef duties after coming over from Husk Greenville, and Kevin King (formerly of McCrady’s Tavern and Husk Savannah) will be the general manager while also heading up the bar.

Velazquez grew up in Puerto Rico by the ocean, so it makes sense that he will lead the kitchen of an establishment that plans to showcase local fishermen and oyster harvesters. Studying at the Culinary Institute of America exposed the chef to a wider variety than the fish found in the Caribbean, allowing him to further his passion for seafood. Velazquez has an existing relationship with Mark Marhefka from Abundant Seafood and is excited to work with the local snapper — according to the chef, the fish is on nearly every menu in Puerto Rico. His familiarity with it should allow him to utilize a variety of raw and cooked preparations, and he plans to do this with all of their seafood, from oven roasting to pan searing to frying. When asked if he would be using Puerto Rican flavors on the menu, Velazquez said, “That’s something I can’t hide. It’s something I grew up in and it’s my culture. Will I bring a full Puerto Rican restaurant? Absolutely not. Will I have hidden touches in there? Absolutely.”

In terms of the menu as a whole, guests can expect the plates to be “shareable, fun and alive,” which should mirror the sought-after relaxed, yet chic environment. It is called the Delaney Oyster House after all, so Velazquez plans to showcase the bivalves while also offering ever changing ceviches and crudos, highlighting the seasonality of the ocean’s bounty.

King’s beverage program will be a small list of around 12 by-the-glass wines, six to eight cocktails, and a beer selection featuring mostly local pilsners, goses, and lagers. King explained that the idea is to serve light and clean beverages that will pair well with the seafood—think wine from marine-influenced climate souls and lots of bubbles.

The restaurant will have a six-seat bar and outdoor patio downstairs with the main dining room sitting upstairs, where patrons can also find an outdoor seating area that overlooks Marion Square. This is the first Neighborhood Dining Group Restaurant to open since Sean Brock’s departure, and patrons can expect hours of operation, a full menu, and an opening date later this summer.

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