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New Upper King Bar Brings More of the Same

Classic on King opens in place of Bootleg Tavern

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Remember Bootleg Tavern on Upper King Street? It was only open for four weeks, so probably not. Now, Classic on King sits at 541 King Street. The interiors of the shotgun bar look the same as its previous iteration, but now there’s a new menu.

From frozen Pimms cups to $3 PBR, Classic on King offers all the standards. The ubiquitous food menu includes chicken tenders, a club sandwich, and a caesar salad.

Back in 2017/2018, tropical hangout the Getaway sat at the address with Top Chef alum Emily Hahn at the helm. Bootleg Tavern began after the owners allegedly shut down the Getaway after before brunch service in August 2018. While the Getaway served a Caribbean-influenced menu, Bootleg Tavern had a menu of seafood pasta, grilled salmon, chicken tenders, fruit salad, and skewered shrimp.

Owners Mark Baty and Mark Shelbourne have not made any public statements about the closing of the Getaway or Bootleg Tavern.

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