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Neighborhood Dining Group Announces First Restaurant After Sean Brock’s Departure

Delaney Oyster House will open this summer

Future site of Delany Oyster House
Google Maps

Neighborhood Dining Group (Husk, McCrady’s, McCrady’s Tavern, and Minero) just announced that they will open a raw bar/seafood restaurant Delaney Oyster House. Neighborhood Dining Group plans to open the establishment at 115 Calhoun St. this summer. The restaurant will be housed in a Charleston single house.

Chef Shamil Velazquez, formerly of Husk Greenville, will run the kitchen, which, according to the press release will “... showcase the bounty of coastal and inland waterways, featuring an extensive raw bar selection and thoughtfully presented dishes in both classic and contemporary preparations.”

This is the first Neighborhood Dining Group restaurant to open without the leadership of chef superstar Sean Brock since 2006. He helped shape the vision for Husk, McCrady’s, McCrady’s Tavern, and Minero. Brock left the organization to build his own Appalachian restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.

As the restaurant progresses, Delaney Oyster House updates can be found here and on Instagram @delaneyoysterhouse

What’s one more seafood house for Charleston?

Charleston Without Sean Brock [ECHS]

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