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Critic Finds Four-Star Service at French Bistro Maison

Hanna Raskin’s latest review

Leslie Ryann McKellar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

“... Maison is about the closest thing the Charleston food scene has to a workplace canteen,” states critic Hanna Raskin in her latest review on the North Central French bistro addition. She’s commenting on the fact that so many food and beverage industry people hang out at Maison. Raskin writes, “In short, if there’s a restaurant on your resume, you’ve probably already been to Maison. The question is what’s in it for everyone else.”

The good for everyone else is that the service is among some of the best in Charleston — which is becoming more difficult to find with new restaurants opening all the time. Co-owners, former chef at the Ordinary Vandy Vanderwarker and former Fish bartender Will Love, attracted some top talent for Maison.

According to Raskin, the negative is the noise level. She says, “Maison can get ferociously loud,” because F&B friends gathering can get a bit noisy.

How’s the food? Raskin describes a few dishes and concludes, “... it’s comfort food, from the earthy pate at the beginning to the nutty filled choux pastry at the end. These are not dishes to advance the Charleston food scene, but they’re understandably welcomed by those within it.”

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