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Participants at the Soft Beer Fest
Leslie Ryann McKelllar

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Drink in Raleigh’s First Soft Beer Fest

Brewery Bhavana hosted a different kind of beer festival

Raleigh’s Brewery Bhavana, which works as a brewery, dim sum restaurant, bookstore, and flower shop all at once since opening its doors in 2017, announced Feb. 18 on Facebook its first Soft Beer Fest.

The flower-filled event was dubbed as “small and thoughtful,” with an emphasis “on soft and delicate beers,” “soft music and friendly faces.”

Eater photographer Leslie Ryann McKelllar traveled to Raleigh to capture all the merriment and beer. She said, “The general spirit in there was really warm and welcoming. Everyone seemed so genuinely happy to be there. It was much more zen than a beer festival should be (in a great way).”

Take a look around here to Brewery Bhavana’s first Soft Beer Fest — no pretzel necklaces here, just impeccable floral arrangements, soft glowing lights, and happy faces sipping beers and ciders from establishments like Brewery Vivant, Civil Society, New Belgium, Fonta Flora, Shacksbury, Oxbow, TRVE, and Zillicoah Beer Co.


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