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High Water Festival Provided a Range of Tastes for Music Lovers

From corn dogs to burgers

Wrapping up its third year, the High Water Festival is a pretty well-oiled machine at this point and it has the formula down pat. Great music, great food, and so-so beer make for happy festival goers. Or maybe it was the perfect weather, because seriously, everyone was just so damn nice.

With a good mix of Charleston staples, including Lewis Barbecue, Roti Rolls, and Verde (insert Ron Swanson snicker), along with a few out-of-towners like Corndog Inc. from Chattanooga, TN, and Hebros Kitchen from Wilmington, DE, there was something for everyone, even the gluten-free, vegan friend.

Local food truck, soon-to-be-actual-restaurant, Herd Provisions was in attendance, slinging burgers and poutine. For those lamenting the fact that Charleston may never get a Shake Shack, take comfort, that Herd has come up with a close contender in the “grass-fed, responsibly-raised” burger category, coming soon to its permanent location on Grove St. downtown.

A few of the vendors had compostable cups and utensils, but with the festival’s big focus on sustainability it would have been a nice touch if this was mandatory throughout, because the recycling/trash situation was a little confusing or maybe even non-existent. “Is this trash or recycling?” we asked, “Doesn’t matter, it’s all the same thing.” The optimist in us hopes that there’s a volunteer currently sorting through flower crowns and beer cans out at Riverfront park right now, but the realist knows better. Good times.

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