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Letter to the Editor Calls Out Charleston Restaurant Critic

Hear from both sides

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Longtime Charleston restaurant supporter Terri Henning recently wrote a letter to the editor of Post and Courier to express her concern that paper’s current critic Hanna Raskin was doling out “vengeful beratings, riddled with mean-spirited, personal attacks” with her reviews.

Henning put out a call on social media, “I think it’s time for a serious conversation about why the food and beverage community deserves a skilled restaurant critic.” Many food and beverage workers responded in agreement.

In her letter, Henning wrote, “After years of disappointment with the status quo, I felt that Charleston was long overdue for a conversation concerning the representation of the food and beverage community in our seemingly monopolized print media.”

When asked for a statement on the letter, Raskin said, “I very much appreciate the interest in food journalism and its practice, and am always available for conversation. I can be reached at or 843-937-5560.”

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