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Critic Applauds Hotel Bennett Restaurant’s “Luxe and Decadent” Menu

Plus more praise from critics for John’s Island seafood restaurant


The New Orleans influences throughout Hotel Bennett’s Gabrielle impressed Post & Courier’s Hannah Raskin this week, who said head chef Michael Sichel’s knifework and sauces revealed a firm grasp of French technique, his dishes “luxe and decadent” and “strikingly delicious.”

Among Raskin’s favorite dishes were the escargot, mixed with Herbsaint liqueur and tomatoes and served atop toast, and the Cobb salad, which features chunks of blue cheese, and bacon, and is, in her book, “charmingly old-fashioned.”

Raskin did express a hint of concern over the restaurant’s design and service partway through her review, however, commenting that her server had forgotten to specify “sparkling or still?” when taking her water order, and that some of the dishes would’ve presented better on different China. But ultimately, Raskin says, “eaters who can excuse service and design flaws in the name of excellent food” will enjoy dining at Gabrielle.

Meanwhile, the Charleston City Paper’s Vanessa Wolf deems John’s Island seafood restaurant The Royal Tern a “welcome and well-positioned addition” to a duo of existing top-notch Maybank Highway restaurants. It’s interior is “effortlessly stylish,” light, and airy, and its menu and cocktail list both diverse in their selection of under-the-sea offerings.

Highlights on The Royal Tern’s menu, Wolf says, include the Swordfish (“perfectly cooked” and “remarkably tender”), the potted shrimp (“delicate and buttery”) and the salmon gravlax, fresh in flavour and well-cured and seasoned.

In an otherwise glowing review, Wolf notes concern over the restaurant’s service — the spot seems “consistently busy” with a wait staff that seems to be “stretched thin.” Beyond this critique, however, Wolf says The Royal Tern’s food exhibits elegance and incredible chef skills, and predicts a strong future for the new spot.

The Royal Tern

3005 Maybank Highway, , SC 29455 (843) 718-3434 Visit Website

Hotel Bennett

404 King Street, , SC 29403 (844) 835-2625 Visit Website