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Will Frosé Take Over Charleston Beaches This Summer?

Frosé to go

The Co-Op Sullivan’s Island /Facebook
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Earlier this year, the Co-Op on Sullivan’s Island announced the release of a CBD-infused frosé, but today the cafe unleashed a frozen rosé in a portable container. And while alcohol is banned on the beach, the frozen nature of the beverage may allow it to skip over the ordinance.

The Co-Op writes: “The Frosé to go pouch. What better way to sip Frosé than out of a straw in a pouch. Genius. It’s like an alcoholic CapriSun ... Perfect for the beach, the cooler, the freezer or opening right away.”

While the Middle Street establishment isn’t pushing patrons to break the law, there happens to be a convenient loophole in the Charleston rules that allows frozen alcoholic beverages to be sold as food — that’s why there’s so many BoozePop trucks on King Street and customers are allowed to suck on Cosmo popsicles while sauntering down the street.

Though, once the pouch melts at the beach and turn liquid, you could be looking at a very hefty fine. Be careful out there, frosé friends.

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