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Popular Raleigh Dim Sum Restaurant Rolls Out Beer Fest

Five details to know about Brewery Bhavana’s event

Brewery Bhavana

The elegant Raleigh restaurant whose name comes from the Sanskrit term for “cultivating” is cultivating something new of its own: an inaugural beer festival. Brewery Bhavana, which has popularly functioned as a brewery, dim sum restaurant, bookstore, and flower shop all at once since opening its doors in 2017, announced Feb. 18 on Facebook its first Soft Beer Fest.

Here are five details to know about the Fest.

The time frame.
Brewery Bhavana is rolling out its beer fest from 2-6 p.m. on Sunday, March 31.

Where this idea originated.
“In the two years since Bhavana first opened,” the Brewery Bhavana team posted on Facebook, “our team has had the privilege of attending a vast range of beer experiences, from thoughtful, educational discussions to rowdy and expansive, full-on parties. Each time, we have marveled and dreamt of hosting our own.”

Why “soft?”
The team described the upcoming, flower-filled event as “small and thoughtful,” with an emphasis “on soft and delicate beers,” “soft music and friendly faces.”

What’s on tap?
The brewery will serve beers and ciders from establishments like Brewery Vivant, Civil Society, New Belgium, Fonta Flora, Shacksbury, Oxbow, TRVE, and Zillicoah Beer Co., according to the announcement. “Expect subtle and nuanced fermentation flavors, complex aromatics, silky carbonation, and pillowy textures,” the team posted on Facebook. Food and live music will be included in ticket pricing as well.

How to get tickets.
A total of 300 tickets will be available online starting noon Wednesday, March 6. The $70 cost includes unlimited pours along with the entertainment and food.

Can’t make it? Don’t forget: Brewery Bhavana is still on Eater Charleston’s list of 8 Stops for a Perfect Day of Dining in Raleigh. Baos, dumplings, Shanghai-style mooncakes and more await.