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A Battle Brews Between Fish-and-Chips Shops in Charleston

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A Salt N Battered/Facebook
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

West Ashley newcomer with a questionable name, A Salt N Battered, recently opened at 1303 Ashley River Road. The announcement in the Post & Courier stirred up some controversy, not only with the name, but with the restaurant’s similarities to North Charleston’s the CodFather.

Commenters on Post & Courier’s Facebook page were quick to pick up on the similarities of the logos, “ I mean.... Even their logo is like The CODfather, Proper Fish & Chips. So much for originality! Not to mention the horrible name. I’ll stick with The CODfather, thanks,” wrote reader Chase Glenn.

Others, like read Paul Luman mentioned the prices, “Sounds just like the CODfather on Spruill, except the name doesn’t trivialize the crime assault and battery. And the fish and chips at the CODfather are $10, two dollars cheaper.”

Of course, most fish-and-chips restaurants tend be similar with classic menu items (fish and chips), but owner Adam Randall got into the comments stating, “This is a straight up rip off of my restaurant. Which is why I caught the owners inside my restaurant ‘making notes’, at least twice.”

What do you think? Too similar? Or is every chippy pretty much the same?

A Salt N Battered logo
The CodFather logo

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