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CBD Frosé Combines Two Instagram Trends You’ve Probably Already Muted

Pink drink

The Co-Op Sullivan’s Island/Facebook
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

For those looking to drown anxiety or add a baseline buzz to a beach-y celebration with a Sullivan’s Island frozen drink (but can’t fully commit to a GameChanger at Home Team BBQ), now there’s CBD-infused frosé at the Co-Op on Middle Street.

According to the cafe’s Facebook page:

It’s happening!!! CBD infused Frosé at The Co Op coming this weekend!!! Perfecting the recipe and looking like 20 mg of CBD in each Frosé. I am a HUGE advocate of CBD oil and use it daily for muscle recovery. I need to be able to workout hard Tuesday and come back strong again Wednesday. Okay, I just copied and pasted that from an IG dude I follow that I have a crush on as he has the most perfect body ever and works out 24/7 and lives by CBD. It really does help! Benefits: Aids in muscle recovery, pain relief, reduces anxiety and depression, may even benefit heart health. I believe we are the first CBD infused Frosé in the USofA. Bringing the blue state mentality to our perfect little red state. We also have several other CBD products available from our friends at @apismercantile Honey, Salve, Oil, etc. CBD infused Frosé is the perfect drink! I’ll post on Saturday when we go live. Until then... #cbd#cbdoil#frosé#beachlife#glutenfree#local#coffeeshop#sullivansisland

CBD, marijuana’s non-psychoactive agent, is trending all over the world of food and beverage. and frosé has been a thing for awhile, so expect to see all the Instagram influencers in your feed sipping on one of these.

The Co-Op [Facebook]