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Recovery Room Continues to Sell More PBR Cans Than Any Other Bar on Earth

That’s a lot of PBR

Recovery Room/Facebook
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

In 2015 King Street dive Recovery Room sold more Pabst Blue Ribbon 12-ouncers than any other establishment in the world, and it appears the bar will continue to take home that title in 2019. Recovery Room posted on Facebook:

Congratulations Charleston we did it again!! We are so humbled to be once again be the number one seller of PBR bottles/cans in the country! This year we finished #2 in total PBR volume behind sun down saloon in boulder CO, a draft only account!

We are also flattered to be the #2 seller of PBR easy in the country behind boca fiesta in gainsville FL!

We have some work ahead of us to become #1 total volume and #1 easy sales but we know with your help we can do it! Thank you so very much

City Paper has an extensive article from 2013 on why/how owner Chris “Boston” DiMattia goes through so much PBR, including his take on the brew:

“This is beer. It is what it is,” DiMattia says. “They’re not gonna give you an ad with a bunch of hot chicks dancing on a beach. You’re not gonna get laid drinking this beer, but you’re gonna get drunk ... you know, if you have about 15 of them.”

Congrats, Charleston — you chug a ridiculous amount of cheap, hipster beer cans.

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Recovery Room

685 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 727-0999