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Huger Street Pizzeria Starts Brunch With Bottarga Omelets

Renzo drops brunch this Saturday

Leslie Ryann McKellar

One of Charleston’s hottest restaurants is adding a Saturday brunch service that promises more boundary-pushing dishes. Huger Street pizzeria Renzo has drooped hints for the past few weeks via Instagram and will start offering Charleston’s favorite meal from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, September 29. Chef Evan Gaudreau has a little bit of everything planned for his new menu, although seafood seems to be the star. The French omelet is amped-up with bottarga, while the “Troutwich” features trout conserva — which Gaudreau feels is very Renzo — along with avocado and a fried egg. Another menu highlight is the shrimp waffle, which starts with Martin’s potato bread and is covered with a spicy shrimp nduja consisting of local shrimp, pork fat, chilies, and garlic before being crisped in the waffle iron.

Guests can also expect a chia bowl with house-made almond milk, Italian croissants, and a few other thoughtful plates. Renzo is currently steering clear of a brunch pizza, but the fried zucchini parmesan hoagie comes close, as it features the same “Grandma Sauce” that can be found on their pies. Stop by tomorrow to see what else Gaudreau has in store for North Central in a format he and the staff felt they could have some fun with.

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