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Upper King Bar Appears Shuttered After Only 4 Weeks

That was quick

Bootleg Tavern
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The owners of the former Getaway took about a week and a half to turn the restaurant into Bootleg Tavern — and then four weeks later, it looks like the 541 King St. establishment is shuttered. A tip from a source close to Eater said that Bootleg Tavern closed, and as of opening time on Tuesday evening, the dining room and bar were black and the doors were locked.

Bootleg Tavern began after the owners allegedly shut down the Getaway after before brunch service in August. While the Getaway served a Caribbean-influenced menu, Bootleg Tavern had a menu of seafood pasta, grilled salmon, chicken tenders, fruit salad, and skewered shrimp.

Owners Mark Baty and Mark Shelbourne have been silent on the matter. The duo had not been in the restaurant business before the Getaway, so perhaps hiccups were to be expected.

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