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Chef Jeff Butler of Folly Beach Eatery The ‘Wich Doctor Dies

Folly Beach loses a big piece of its food and beverage community

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

The ‘Wich Doctor co-owner Krista Hines made the devastating announcement on Facebook that her husband Jeff Butler died on September 9, 2018. She wrote, “I know many of you know but I lost my husband, best friend, business partner and our beloved chef on 9/9/18. I will update on plans/arrangements later.” Many from the Charleston community passed on their condolences for the talented chef.

For the past few years, Butler has had to take time off from the Folly Beach hangout to recover from heart surgery and complications from the procedure. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, Butler was recently in the hospital, while Hines continued to run the restaurant.

While Butler was in the hospital being monitored to reintroduce his body to blood thinners , another brain bleed occurred . It has stopped but not completely reabsorbed . This means he is out of the hospital but will have to keep up w CT scans so they can readmit him for 4-5 days when the hematoma is healed & he can get back on his blood thinners . Not sure how long that will be but WE WILL BE OPEN FRIDAY at noon !!

The ‘Wich Doctor is currently listed for sale with National Restaurant Properties.

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