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Sean Brock Still Has Love for Charleston

Despite him leaving

Husk Restaurant

For those who haven’t heard, celebrity chef Sean Brock officially traded Charleston for Nashville. He stepped away from his Neighborhood Dining Group Projects (Husk, Minero, McCrady’s, McCrady’s Tavern) to focus on a new project in Music City.

When Brock’s publicists sent out the news, it came with a statement from the chef:

I am so proud of the reputations we have built at each of the restaurants, and I’m excited for each member of the teams to carry the restaurants forward,” says Chef Sean Brock. “I have full confidence in these chefs and know that they will continue to deliver the creative, locally-focused, ingredient-driven cuisine that our guests have enjoyed at the restaurants over the years.

Brock was in Europe, so he couldn’t be reached for comment. After Eater ran Charleston Without Sean Brock, he took to Twitter to reassure his affection for the Holy City.

“I love charleston with all my heart and can’t imagine never cooking there again,” he wrote.

So, it’s not goodbye forever.

Sean Brock Leaves Charleston Restaurant Group to Focus on Nashville [ECHS]
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