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Blue Majik Will Take Over Instagrams in North Carolina Soon

It’s blue


Blue Majik (a superfood powder that turns smoothies the color of a Smurf) may finally start trending in North Carolina. Articles about the substance becoming a trend in America, at least, started surfacing online in 2017. Blue Majik, part of the E3Live “all-organic superfood” brand, is an extract of spirulina, a blue-green algae. But despite its potential benefits (like healthy, post-workout inflammation responses, better flexibility and improved endurance and energy) the Majik hasn’t exactly gone viral in North Carolina. Yet.

Here’s how Blue Majik is showing up at juice bars in NC so far:

In single-serve packets

Cold off the Press in Raleigh recently started carrying single-serve packets of E3 Live Blue Majik, according to a staff member at the store, which aims to appease both taste buds and nutritional needs. While the product has not been incorporated into specific menu items yet, the staff plans to add Blue Majik to various smoothies and bowls.

In juice form

In Winston-Salem, Organix Juice Bar is serving up a lemonade called B-12. The drink features purified water, lemon, locally sourced honey and Blue Majik. Other exotic juice ingredients like activated charcoal and dragon fruit are on the menu as well.

In smoothies

At Juice Life in Salisbury (home to cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies), customers can get creative and order add-ins, from psyllium husk to Blue Majik. Try: The Majik added to the Java Jolt with almond milk, espresso, dark chocolate and chocolate whey protein.

In elixirs

Also at Juice Life in Salisbury is the list of wellness and detox elixirs like the Power Punch, packed with lemon, agave, ginger and Blue Majik.

It’s not easy to detect on the menus of juice bars or smoothie shops — a Google search for the substance in various cities reveals few hits. And according to an east coast consultant for E3 Live, there are about 12 juice bars in the entire state that carry Blue Majik, total. A few more are expected to be added to that list in the coming weeks.

Interestingly, it’s not easy to detect the taste of Blue Majik, either. If it weren’t for the stunning blue tint the powder gives to any form of liquid goodness it’s mixed into, the superfood wouldn’t even be noticeable. But it certainly is eye-popping.