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Duke University Brings on Durham-Based Cafe for Coffees, Breakfast Burritos

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It took the death of his father for Dorian Bolden to leave his work on Wall Street for the humble beginnings of a Durham coffee shop.

“It kind of stopped me in my tracks — a lot,” said Bolden, who followed his now-wife back to Durham and opened his Italian-influenced coffee shop Beyù Caffè in 2009. “... I realized it was no longer about the money for me.”

While he’s spent the past years evolving the vision into a four-part concept combining jazz club, restaurant, bar and coffee shop, Bolden is laying another track back to his alma mater.

He is poised to open Beyù Blue with the start of August classes at Duke University’s Bryan Center. (Yes, the “blue” in the name is a nod to Duke Blue Devil blue.)

Beyù, pronounced “be-you,” is a tribute to the mentality he and his friends had when they were first starting life after college. Be you. “If you’re true to who you are and believe God and the universe will handle everything else, you’ve got nothing to worry about,” Bolden said.

The coffee shop will be a condensed version of the original Beyù, focusing more on grab-and-go coffee and food, to fit the fast-paced student lifestyle.

The space was previously home to Joe Van Gogh Coffee, which closed in May after the controversial firing of employees playing rap music.

But Bolden hopes his coffee shop will offer a stimulus for social interaction and community on campus, from regular service to campus events. He also just plans to serve great food.

The menu will carry items like breakfast burritos, peanut butter and jelly French toast, and egg-white sandwiches.

The most popular breakfast item from Beyù Caffè will be available to grab: The Bebop Breakfast Burrito with seasoned black beans, scrambled farm-fresh eggs, homemade pico de gallo, and the option to add meats, like bacon.

While there will be no seating to start, Bolden may add some barstools over time. He’s also working with local artist Artie Barksdale, who painted the Beyù Caffè stage, to create an installation in the campus shop.

Coffees will be cranked out with Carolina Coffee beans, nitro cold brews included. For a more intricate swig, Bolden recommends the Caramello macchiato with caramel and vanilla, and the Mexican coffee with cinnamon, nutmeg and dark chocolate.

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