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First Look at the Lowcountry Menu from Parcel 32

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Parcel 32
Andrew Cebulka
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Lowcountry restaurant Parcel 32 will open in June, and Eater has the first look at the menu.

Chef Shaun Brian Sells recently took over the kitchen after the departure of the original opening chef Digby Stridiron and has put his touch on the offerings. Sells is all about sustainability, pickling, approachable plates, and flavors of the Carolinas, with nods to the Caribbean. This a departure from Stridiron’s previous idea of a history-rich menu telling the story of the West Indies/Caribbean/Charleston connection.

Sells menu offers plates like a sumac-dusted catch of the day with black garlic aioli, benne seeds, and grilled bok choy; a braised short rib with rice grits and carrots; and a pork chop with sweet potato mustard, greens, and pickled green tomatoes.

Sells just really wants customers to enjoy themselves. “My ego isn’t in this,” he says, which means if patrons want an extra splash of lemon on the fish, he’s cool with that.

Check out the entire menu below.

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