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Park Circle Is Getting a Giant Food Hall

Industrial chic

Garco Mill
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A former textile mill in North Charleston is getting a makeover, and a 20,000 square foot food hall is the latest wardrobe change. The two-story, mixed-use restoration project, entitled Garco Mill, is located in Park Circle, at 4845 O’Hear Ave., and the food hall portion will join creative office space in the massive red brick warehouse.

Developers behind the Cigar Factory and the globally-renowned Krog Street Market in Atlanta teamed up to redesign a space that will feature 16 vendors, an outdoor pavilion, and tons of parking. The project is expected to mirror the Atlanta version, which touts over 20 market stalls and six James-Beard-nominated chefs.

Workshop has grabbed the attention of Charlestonians this year with its cafeteria-style and rotating-vendor theme, but the partnership behind Garco Mill hopes that culinary-driven stalls firmly rooted in a local offering will attract North Charleston business park folk and the hipster contingency flocking to Park Circle.

The North Charleston food scene continues to fill in, as the return of The Codfather and a new Dell’z outpost have recently brought attention farther up Highway 26. These destinations and others like funky brunch spot The Junction Kitchen and Provisions are spread throughout a larger area, and Garco Mill looks to solidify Park Circle as the center of attention in this locale.

Palmetto Brewery was set to join the party at Garco Mill after purchasing a six-acre piece of land next door, but they instead opted to renovate their current Huger street location near downtown. Is Park Circle the next big food hub in Charleston? We aren’t sure but won’t complain about another food hall.

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