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Tu Late-Night Menu Keeps the Party Going on Saturdays

How about a two-pound burrito?


The late-night post-bar munchies hit fast, and pizza or street vendors often do the trick. With this being the food-focused city that it is, every chance to eat is taken seriously, and the inventive trio behind Tu, which began dinner service in the fall, is staying late on Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. to serve comfort food their way.

Chef Josh Walker and his staff felt that this “meal” would offer something fresh in a city jammed with brunch offerings. The menu changes frequently with the main concept being the creation of foods that they crave. This often involves spins on dishes like falafel, Vietnamese pho, and the Cuban sandwich. Walker recently felt the urge to make a huge burrito — his weighs two pounds and is stuffed with house-smoked pastrami, French fries, and Mexican beans and rice. Tu bakes its own bread, enhancing its ability to make that serious sandwich they are after.

The midnight meal is served in the newly constructed portion of Tu, with drinks being poured at the bar until 1 a.m. Keep the party going while dining, as co-owner and part-time DJ Duolan Walker-Li is spinning the creative playlists of her DJ alter-ego Auntie Ayi. Late-night at Tu has the hip, funky, one-of-a-kind vibe that is expected from the group that is also behind Xiao Bao Biscuit.

Look for Tu to keep this service ever-changing and expect themed offerings. Last Saturday featured chorizo and potato breakfast burritos, and the restaurant will host a “battle of the chicken wing” night on February 24.

Check out one of Auntie Ayi’s playlists here, and stop by Tu on Meeting street next time those Saturday midnight cravings hit.

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