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Royal American’s New Menu Defies Dive Categorization

Magic wings, disco fries, and steak

Steak and fries at Royal American

Most dive bars in Charleston can only offer patrons a pickled egg or a bag of Fritos, but music venue/stylish dive Royal American has expanded its kitchen to bring much more to the table. The original cooking area housed a small grill, hot plate, and convection oven, but now chef Ben Ellsworth has 300 square feet to play around in.

The food offerings have quadrupled with items like “Magic Wings,” “Disco Fries,” Nashville-style hot shrimp, steak and potato with green sauce, Philly cheese steak, a $5 staff meal, and more.

According to the press release, Co-owner John Kenney wanted the perfect wings, so Ellsworth came up with a combination of dry-brined and double-fried wings coated with Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, and Chinese five spice.

Below is the entire menu of the food offerings. The tips and chips and loaded baked potato from the past menu made the cut.

The Royal American

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