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Leigh-Ann Beverley/Bonafide Productions

Vintage Lounge Takes the Whole Staff on California Retreat

An educational trip out west

Upper King wine bar Vintage Lounge recently shut down for four days to take the back-of house and font-of-house staff on an educational trip to California’s wine country.

“We took everyone out west,” says co-owner Nathan Wheeler, “We went to multiple wineries in Napa and Sonoma and brought a photographer to document the trip.” The staff learned about wines that are carried at Vintage Lounge, like Lioco in Healdsburg.

“This trip was more than just a staff retreat,” says Wheeler, “We at Vintage want to create and maintain a food and wine culture at the wine bar that separates us from the pack. We believe that there is a right way to take care of your team. A right way to stay competitive and attract the best in the business.”

With so many restaurants opening in Charleston, many are finding difficulty maintaining staff. Vintage wants to show its employees that they are worth investment in their education.

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