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The Harbinger Catered to Community During the Snowpocalypse

North Central bakery delivers snow-day essentials

The Harbinger

The “bomb cyclone” snowstorm shocked Charleston residents and visitors alike last week. Restaurants, grocery stores, local businesses, and even the Charleston International Airport closed the doors, but North Central’s Harbinger Cafe & Bakery found a way to stay open.

Eater spoke with one of the co-owners Greer Gilchrist, who explained that it was important for them to be a refuge for the community during the storm. This focus is truly the epitome of Harbinger — built with the aim to be that neighborhood cafe where everyone feels welcome. The eatery gave fans a heads up that it would be open the day the storm hit via Instagram. For those unfamiliar with Harbinger, the baked goods, salads, and breakfast items are exciting and inventive. Vegetables, fruits, and grains often take the place of white flour and sugar in baked goods, while salads mirror the seasons with local ingredients from Limehouse Produce and GrowFood Carolina.

Gilchrist assured Eater that no one was put in danger by staying open, as everyone that came in to work, including co-owner Cameron Neal, can walk to Harbinger. They got a little creative and made due with the pantry items on hand to keep the appreciative customers happy.

Eater asked for a couple menu items to keep an eye out for if the temperatures in Charleston stay frosty. For a warming drink, head for the turmeric chai latte, which is made with cinnamon, clove, turmeric, and honey — adding a shot of espresso takes this drink to the next level. For baked goods, check out the Jam Sesh, which is made with butternut squash and an apple compote.

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The Harbinger Cafe & Bakery

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