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Mozzo Deli Declares New Downtown Store

Pastrami on Meeting Street

Mozzo on Meeting Street
James Baker
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Vegan bakeshop Nana’s Donuts is out, and it appears that Mount Pleasant-based Mozzo Deli is in at 616 Meeting St. Nana’s replaced Diggity Doughnuts in 2016, but never garnered the level of fanaticism as its predecessor. Mozzo will sit next to chill bar Local 616 and Eater Essential Spero.

The original Mozzo sits at 730 Coleman Blvd. with a menu full of hearty sandwiches, burgers, and breakfast items. Many patrons compare the offerings to Northern and New York delis — perhaps due to the corned beef, pastrami, and bagel with smoked salmon on the menu.

Eater contributor Parker Milner has this to say about Mozzo: “Expect friendly and fast service at this Mount Pleasant deli. At Mozzo, it’s common to hear, ‘Hey Jimmy, are you having the regular?’ Other patrons can choose from an extensive sandwich menu featuring proteins like chicken cutlet, roast beef, turkey, and Italian meats served on ten different kinds of bread. Daily soups, house-made pickles, and local iced tea are a few of the many accompaniments offered.”

It’s rush lunch hour at Mozzo right now, but as soon as that calms down, Eater will reach out for more details on the downtown store.

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