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bob cook
Chef Bob Cook behind the bar at Edmund’s Oast
Robert Donovan

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Chefs and Bartenders Trade Places For One Night at Edmund’s Oast

Behind the scenes

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

On Monday, September 25, NoMo superstar Edmund’s Oast welcomed local bartenders to run the kitchen and Charleston chefs to mix the drinks. The event titled Switcheroo was a great success as customers showed up to see the spectacle. Many expected cooks to fumble with cocktail shakers and mixologists to burn a few orders on the line, but they pulled it off.

In the kitchen: bartenders Jayce McConnell (Edmund’s Oast), Adam Rothstein (Home Team BBQ), Sam Gabrielle (Proof), Jared Chafin (Indaco), Lane Becker (The Ordinary), and Nikki Fairman (FIG). Behind the bar: chefs Bob Cook (Edmund’s Oast), Rob Laudicina (Spero), Shuai Wang (Short Grain), Vandy Vanderwalker (The Ordinary), Frank Lee (formerly of SNOB), Alex Lira (Bar Normandy), and Italo Marino (Embers and Ashes). Proceeds from the evening went to benefit sobriety group Ben’s Friends.

Here, Eater photographer Robert Donovan jumped into the mayhem to document the evening. It was like Freaky Friday but tastier and with more booze.

Edmund's Oast

1081 Morrison Drive, , SC 29403 (843) 727-1145 Visit Website
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