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New Warehouse Chef Makes Nice With Thomas Ravenel

T-Rav finds a new hangout?

Thomas Ravenel hanging at Warehouse
Jason Daly
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Maine chef Jason Daly is checking out Charleston as he starts his new job at Spring Street bar Warehouse, and he recently ran into one of the most divisive figures downtown — Thomas Ravenel. “Had the pleasure of meeting this fine gentleman tonight, Thomas Ravenel,” writes Daly on Instagram, “one of the stars of Bravo's Southern Charm! Huge fan of the show and he is the nicest guy you'll ever meet.”

Ravenel has been a controversial figure in Charleston since he was indicted on federal charges of cocaine distribution while in office as South Carolina state treasurer. After time in jail, Ravenel went on to star in reality show Southern Charm, which documents his constant legal battle for the two children he fathered with his on-and-off-again girlfriend and the rest of his life in the Lowcountry.

Ravenel is banned from numerous bars in the downtown area for his disorderly behavior. Someone even built a map of the spots that are “T-Rav Free.” Warehouse is obviously not on that list.

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